• July 9, 2020
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm


AM: “A Letter to My Younger Self”- How to Lead through Introspection and Self

PM: Working Across Generations

PRESENTER:  Mr. Jeffrey Vargas, Generationology


AM: “A Letter to My Younger Self” – How to Lead Through Introspection and Self Reflection.  This workshop will focus on three key concepts:

  • How to Create and Craft a Letter to Your Younger Self
  • Unveiling Individual Leadership Truths and Lessons
  • Applying Your Individual Leadership Styles in Your Career


PM: Working Across Generations.   The workshop will focus on three key concepts:

  • Generational Preferences
  • Intergenerational Teaming, in-person and virtual
  • Intergenerational Collaboration and Synergy


Your Oklahoma Federal Executive Board (OK FEB) is hosting a series of trainings focused on addressing the needs of our military and civilian managers, leaders, and supervisors.  The OK FEB 2020 Leadership Series is a unique interagency training opportunity, designed to offer a variety of professional trainings at a significant cost savings and the opportunity to network with supervisors and leaders from other federal agencies across the state.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of the OK FEB 2020 Leadership Series is to:

  • Build on the participant’s strengths
  • Introduce new ideas on leading
  • Improve current skills and abilities in various ways to increase effectiveness
  • Provoke critical thinking
  • Improve strategies to increase effective leadership
  • Network with other government leaders

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Military and civilian leaders, managers, and supervisors.

ENROLLMENT:  Complete the application and return it to the OK FEB at lisa.smith-longman@gsa.gov

QUESTIONS:  Contact the OK FEB office at 405 231 4167.