• August 23, 2022
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Employee Engagement & Leading Change

PRESENTER: Transformation Partners



Employee engagement is a necessary strategy for organizations that want to succeed in the workplace.  Employee engagement is not an HR initiative that managers are reminded to do once a year.  It is a key strategic driver of employee performance, accomplishment, and continuous improvement all year long. It is the outcome of how your organization interacts with people to drive business results.

Managers must think holistically about recruiting, compensation, rewards, performance management, succession planning, and leadership development if they want to truly engage their staff. Participants will learn:

  • Define and recognize employee engagement
  • Design jobs to motivate and engage
  • Create an engaging work environment
  • Retain your talent
  • Use employee engagement strategies
  • Prevent disengagement


Anticipating organizational opportunities and threats and then responding with planned, managed and sustainable change is one of the most strategic challenges facing leaders and managers today. Change abounds in our modern world and dealing with such change requires organizational resiliency. The willingness and ability to recognize and then respond to threats and challenges and engage in new organizational behaviors or performance, determines the difference between success and failure.  Personal leadership skills in both thinking strategically and leading others toward agreed upon goals is essential in fostering change effort

Participants Will Learn:


  • Increase your understanding of both the external and internal forces/drivers of change
  • Understand why most change efforts fail to ignite or be sustained
  • Determine the dynamics of being change resilient or resistant as an organization
  • Study relevant examples to reinforce strong change management practices.
  • Learn to apply best practices to your own organizational issues.
  • Benchmark informally through group work and discussion
  • Develop organizational change initiatives from building the business case to implementation.


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