• June 11, 2020
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

TOPIC: Expanding Your Influence: Understanding the Psychology of Persuasion

PRESENTER: Leadership Development Institute

OVERVIEW: Ever had trouble persuading someone to do something, even if it was in their best interest? Why can some people get others to do something with ease, while for others it seems like it’s an uphill battle? Sometimes people don’t seem to want to budge, having the power to persuade and influence others in a positive, ethical, non-confrontational manner is a priceless skill.  “Expanding Your Influence”, will provide the skills and knowledge needed to influence others when you’re at the “pivot point” between influence and directing simply by applying scientifically confirmed methods.



Your Oklahoma Federal Executive Board (OK FEB) is hosting a series of trainings focused on addressing the needs of our military and civilian managers, leaders, and supervisors.  The OK FEB 2020 Leadership Series is a unique interagency training opportunity, designed to offer a variety of professional trainings at a significant cost savings and the opportunity to network with supervisors and leaders from other federal agencies across the state.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of the OK FEB 2020 Leadership Series is to:

  • Build on the participant’s strengths
  • Introduce new ideas on leading
  • Improve current skills and abilities in various ways to increase effectiveness
  • Provoke critical thinking
  • Improve strategies to increase effective leadership
  • Network with other government leaders

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Military and civilian leaders, managers, and supervisors.

LOCATION:  Virtual

ENROLLMENT:  Complete the Leadership Series-June enrollment form and return it to the OK FEB at lisa.smith-longman@gsa.gov

QUESTIONS:  Contact the OK FEB office at 405 231 4167