Oklahoma Federal Executive Board

Increase the effectiveness of Federal Government by strengthening coordination of government activities.

This committee is responsible for the coordination of emergency preparedness, security and employee safety coordination among the Oklahoma Federal agencies.  There is one sub-group which helps this committee complete its mission:

The Regional COOP Working Group assists with planning of annual interagency emergency exercise as well as provides assistance and up-to-date information for agency COOP plans. The COOP Working Group also insures agencies have adequate Occupant Emergency Plans and assists with communications plans for emergency communication among federal agencies and with state and local officials.

If you would like more information about this committee or would like to become a member, please contact the OK FEB office at (405) 231-4167.


The Interagency Security Committee (ISC) offers five (5) independent study courses on the ISC:

1) IS-1170 – Introduction to the Interagency Security Committee (ISC)

Introduces the history of the ISC, its mission, organization, and a basic overview of the ISC Risk Management Process (RMP)

2) IS-1171 – Overview of Interagency Security Committee (ISC) Publications

Discusses the ISC standards, policies, and recommendations that support the RMP

3) IS-1172 – Risk Management Process for Federal Facilities – Facility Security Level (FSL) Determination

Shows the process for determining the Facility Security Level (FSL) for a Federal facility

4) IS-1173 – (FOUO) Levels of Protection (LOP) and Application of the Design-Basis Threat (DBT) Report (U)

Covers the process for determining an appropriate Level of Protection (LOP) and how to apply the Design-Basis Threat (DBT) Report; and

5) IS-1174 – Facility Security Committees (FSCs)

Explains Facility Security Committee operations and decision-making process.

These courses supersede the old IS-890, IS-891, IS-892, and IS-893 ISC courses, which are no longer available.

The new courses are offered free of charge through the Federal Emergency Management Agency Emergency Management Institute (FEMA/EMI) and are accessible at three locations:

  1. The ISC DHS website;
  2. The ISC HSIN portal; and
  3. FEMA/EMI’s independent study course catalog.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Training Schedule is now online via the National Emergency Training Center.  Details can be found at: https://training.fema.gov/netc_online_admissions/


ICS Online Courses

FEMA has released updates to existing courses:

  • IS-800.d National Response Framework, An Introduction
  • IS-703.b National Incident Management System Resource Management


IS-800.d National Response Framework, An Introduction
This course is designed to provide guidance for the whole community. Within this broad audience, the National Response Framework focuses especially  on those who are involved in delivering and applying the response core capabilities, including:
   o Private sector partners
   o Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
   o Government officials
   o Community leaders
   o Emergency management practitioners
   o First responders

This course revision incorporates the October 2019 National Response Framework (NRF) updates, including Community Lifelines. The Instructor Led  (ILT) or classroom materials will be available later in the year.


IS-703.b National Incident Management System Resource Management
This course is designed to introduce Federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, and local emergency managers,   first responders, and incident  commanders from all emergency management disciplines to NIMS Resource Management. This includes private industry and volunteer agency personnel  responsible for coordination activities during a disaster.

This course revision incorporates the October 2017 National Incident Management System (NIMS) updates. The course is complete with the Instructor  Led Training (ILT) and classroom materials.

The courses can be found on the Independent Study Website at: