Oklahoma Federal Executive Board

Increase the effectiveness of Federal Government by strengthening coordination of government activities.


The Federal Executive Boards (FEBs), established by Presidential Directive in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy, are a forum for communication and collaboration among Federal agencies outside of Washington, DC.

In 1982, the Executive Office of the President transferred authority for the FEB function to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, which today maintains oversight of the FEB program.

The FEB responsibilities are outlined in Title 5, United States Code of Federal Regulations, Part 960 (5 CFR Part 960). Today there are 28 Federal Executive Boards nationwide.

By letter, dated April 20, 1993, Acting OPM Director Pat Lattimore, authorized the establishment of the Oklahoma Federal Executive Board.


  1. Emergency Preparedness, Employee Safety, & Security
  2. Workforce Development & Support
  3. Strategic Partnerships


Serving the federal, postal, and military agencies in the entire state of Oklahoma by unifying their efforts and enabling them to increase the effective and efficient delivery of services.


“To be catalysts for better government.”


FEB Frequently Asked Questions