The Oklahoma Federal Executive Board offers a wide variety of leadership and professional development programs designed to enhance and grow the federal leaders of tomorrow.  Below is a list of some of these great programs.



The 2020 Leadership Federal Executive Board (FEB) is a non-traditional leadership program, designed for executives, senior managers, and leaders within the federal sector by showcasing a myriad of federal agencies and leaders across Oklahoma.   This program is specifically designed to assist participants:

  • Balance management and leadership skills
  • Expand leadership visions
  • Enhance competencies, and
  • Broaden perspective on other federal agencies


Leadership FEB consists of eight, one-day forums showcasing a variety of government agencies.  Each forum will include but not limited to:

  • Senior leader management briefings
  • Interactive activities
  • Tour of the agency or agencies
  • Leadership book readings and discussions


During each forum, participants will have the opportunity to actively engage in dialogue, exchange ideas, and explore unique challenges associated with leading federal agencies in Oklahoma.

HOW TO APPLY: Complete the 2020 Leadership_FEB Application and submit it to to the OK FEB office.

QUESTIONS:  Contact the OK FEB office at (405) 231-4167.


Your Oklahoma Federal Executive Board (OK FEB) is hosting a series of trainings focused on addressing the needs of our military and civilian managers, leaders, and supervisors.  The OK FEB 2020 Leadership Series is a unique interagency training opportunity, designed to offer a variety of professional trainings at a significant cost savings and the opportunity to network with supervisors and leaders from other federal agencies across the state.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of the OK FEB 2020 Leadership Series is to:

  • Build on the participant’s strengths
  • Introduce new ideas on leading
  • Improve current skills and abilities in various ways to increase effectiveness
  • Provoke critical thinking
  • Improve strategies to increase effective leadership
  • Network with other government leaders


WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Military and civilian leaders, managers, and supervisors

REGISTRATION:  Complete the 2020 Leadership Series form and return it to the OK FEB office.


Your Oklahoma Federal Executive Board (OK FEB) has created a series of training opportunities in an effort to grow and develop our agency leaders of tomorrow. These trainings are designed to help develop and improve critical skills and abilities every leader must possess in order to be successful.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND?  These trainings are recommended for federal employees and military personnel in the GS-5 to GS-10 range (and equivalent).

REGISTRATION:  Complete the 2020 Aspiring Leadership Series form and return it to the OK FEB office.