Information below is compiled from a variety of resources that contain helpful tips, background,
data, etc. valuable in Pre-Retirement decisions.  This is NOT a comprehensive list of resources
available, but rather a "starting point" for employees to become familiar with the complexities
of decisions related to retirement planning.  Each link below will navigate you away from the
Oklahoma FEB website.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP):

Check out the TSP website: 5 tips for completing your TSP Requests Correctly (the First Time)

TSP Website (Planning and Tools):  Covers Investment Strategy, Calculators, Retirement Planning Phases,
and Living in Retirement. Get the most out of your retirement savings by carefully developing a plan for
your TSP account.

TSP Investment Funds link has information about all the fund choices and an explanation of the Lifecycle
Funds.  There is a Forms & Publications link at the top of the TSP home page that also provides a wealth
of knowledge!

Quick reference to some of the publications most used:

Catch-Up Contributions     Don't Move! Stay in the TSP     Roth TSP

Is the G Fund All There IS?     Expense of Investing (video)

Roth TSP for Uniformed Members (video)

TSP also has over 30 videos posted on YouTube, if you prefer your information in this format, visit:

US Office of Personnel Management (OPM):

Check out the OPM website on Retirement Benefits:

CSRS Information
Don't forget to complete the Designation of Beneficiary Form
Important:  The filing of this form will completely cancel any Civil Service Retirement System
Designation of Beneficiary you may have filed.

FERS Information
If you are a FERS employee, are you investing 5% every pay period?  If not, you are leaving money on
the table because you are missing out on the full agency matching contribution!  What's stopping you?

Take FIVE for your future (YouTube video)-

Don't forget to complete the Designation of Beneficiary Form for FERS employees

Other Organizations:

The TSP - Maximizing Your Benefits for a Secure Retirement (pdf)  This pdf is from a Power point
presentation created by Feds for Feds by the Fall 2013 Excellence in Government Fellows Program,
Project Team Results R Us (Steven A. Jones Executive Coach) in collaboration with the Federal Retirement
Thrift Investment Board and OPM.

Tools & Calculators covered in the presentation can help you understand the impact that many types of
fees and expenses can have over time. It takes only minutes to compare the costs of different funds. For
example, see links:
funds-fees-calculator.aspx  How much you should be saving for retirement? use the link below to

If you Choose to Invest Outside the TSP, Know who You’re Dealing With!

The Securities and Exchange Commission has an Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website:

You can learn more about brokers and their representatives through the FINRA webpage:

For accredited designations of financial professionals, use the link: